Sergey Mikhalev
33 y.o.
Hello. My name is Sergey and I have been designing communications for 15 years. If you value not only function, but also form in design — let's collaborate!
12 STOREEZ is a clothing brand from Russia with its retail network of 50+ stores and 1000 employees. I lead a group of 4 designers. We are engaged in advertising, brand, internal communications and partly a website.
July 2021 — present
On the site, I am responsible for narrative pages, promos and landing pages.
Letters are an important communication tool in 12 STOREEZ. There are up to 10 emails per week are sent to more than 1 million subscribers. We have carried out a comprehensive redesign of them: updated the design, changed the processes and raised the key metrics.
The Instagram feed and story on the one hand is a large platform for creativity, on the other hand, it is a familiar channel for 1.5kk people with specific expectations. Our main task: the balance between educational content, marketplace and native street photos.
Working with the communications of such a large company is a kaleidoscope of channels, media and tasks. It is packaging, hanging, presentations, HR support and everything that is printed out for stores, office and contractors. It is simply impossible to show everything.
AURA is a technology startup for the production of wearable bracelets with brand new technologies. since 2016, the company has been employing engineers, scientists and IT specialists. I worked as a designer of communication design.
February 2019 — July 2021
Aura Devices
A startup is always a lot of hypotheses. That's why i made many different versions of the site and landing pages. I was engaged in their design and developed the brand's brand crazy geek style.
AURA's visual language is very expressive. Bright colors, active forms and a positive attitude are what I broadcast in regular communications.
I made a lot of branded illustrations, icons, motion and presentations for different media.
Since 2007, I have worked in various companies It startups, digital studios and e-commerce. I worked as freelancer on tons of different projects. Therefore, I have collected some works that I would like to show without being tied to specific cases
Different works for different times
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